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Welcome to Rubicon Organization. The foundation of our success is built upon a clear vision, research, and the implementation of a unique strategy. Our global relationships in the media and technology sectors have proven to be the difference in the successes enjoyed by our clients. It is the guiding principle behind the quest to produce the best products for our clients worldwide. We honor their work and value the trust they have given to us.

case studies.

Case studies are available upon request and submission of an NDA. Please sign up to request an NDA.

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Rubicon works directly with highest level of decision makers; CEOs, and Capital Investors in order to deliver immediate results. Most of our offers are created within three months and close within six months—that’s fast travel!


We do this by working exclusively with industry leaders with proven track records to insure the foundation of the partnerships are strategically sound and supported by a shared vision—we ask the right questions.


Our clients work synergistically to achive their goals maximizing the return on investment.



Our clients range from Entertainment to VC start-ups, Fortune 500 Companies to Wall Street Private Equity Firms. Working with a focused clientele give us a unique knowledge to reframing, problem solving and to understand the complexities of a global marketplace—we know technology.



Rubicon works with the best media and tech firms from around the globe. they have established reputations as industry leaders in their niches and built their success with top management, clientele and rapid growth.



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We specialize in raising capital, business acquisitions, and building strategic partnerships for global media and technology companies worldwide.

Start Here. Finish First.

our process.

Providing perspectives and

helping formulate global

expansion strategies

Providing perspectives and

helping formulate global

expansion strategies

Identifying and structuring international partnerships

and acquisitions

Evaluating local partners

and recruiting local

executive talent

Sharing experiences from

best practices across

geographical markets

case studies
our process
our team


"Adam is one of the most productive and creative business development executives that I have ever come across."

Elie Dekel  |  Exec Vice President, 20th Century Fox

"Adam's expertise was instrumental in helping to grow our business and to achieve our goals"

– Nicholas Longano  |   President,  CMO of Massive Entertainment

"Adam has enabled us to forge strategic partnerships with top US entertainment companies. He is great at opening doors @ the right level and finding them. His attitude of thinking in possibilities and his go getter attitude have helped us grow as a company in directions we did not envision beforehand."

– Doki Tops  |   CEO Utomik

"Rubicon has been superb. Adam's knowledgeable, professional, and produces results"

– Nacho Ferrer Rodriguez  |  CEO Texyon Games  

Providing access to our

global network of


Delivering strategic

introductions and helping

expand M&A exit


Advising on capital

structure and capital

raising, including IPOs

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